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Hi there, and welcome to Allergy Global

If you're a visitor returning from the old allergymate.com website, welcome back! Don't forget to update your bookmarks to this new address: https://allergy.global and then check out What's New, below.

In 2009 after struggling to find a single source of information to help prepare dinner for a group of people with a variety of food allergies and intolerances, I created the TummyTrubble website to start researching and cataloguing the various foods and ingredients that could trigger a reaction in the most commonly-known conditions.

Over the past 7 years there's been a name change (allergymate.com) and two versions of an iOS mobile app companion built, released and downloaded around the world.

With visitors and feedback coming from food allergy and intolerance sufferers living in more than 190 countries, it was time to update the site to a more appropriate name, and add much-requested allergy and food intolerance information and new features.

-- Lane, June 2016 | LinkedIn | Follow me on Twitter

What's new?

If you're a visitor returning from the old allergymate.com website, you'll find a lot of great new changes to discover here, including:

New website address / URL: Don't forget to update your bookmarks to: https://allergy.global

More conditions: Including some lesser-known but just as important allergies and intolerances

Enhanced detail: For each allergy and intolerance, you'll now find more information including diagnosis, treatment, and source/citation data for further research

Discussions/comments: One of the most-requested features, you can now add and join conversations with like-minded people; just scroll to the bottom of any food allergy or intolerance page to join in

Mobile friendly: It's now easier and faster to read on your mobile/cell phone or tablet - especially on slower data connections

Faster search: Just start typing in a food, symptom, ingredient, or chemical into the Search page to find matching conditions

Security: With site-wide SSL (the same technology used by your banking website), your connection and any information you send is encrypted and protected from eavesdroppers. SSL also means that you can be confident that you're visiting the real Allergy Global website and not an "impostor" copy of the site - just click the green padlock in your web browser's address bar for more information (if it's not green, or there's no padlock your connection may not be secure - let us know).

Got a question or feedback?

If you've got a question, tip or advice related to a specific food allergy or food intolerance, start by posting it in the discussion area at the bottom of the relevant page so that other visitors can see it or help you out.

If there's a food allergy or intolerance missing, or if you've got a comment or update on any content on this site (or just want to ask a question or send feedback), reach out using this form.

Important information

Everyone is different, and while great care has been taken in assembling the information on this site, the information on this site is provided as a convenience and is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician. Always consult your health care provider to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease.